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It is better to sweat in practice than to bleed in battle

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Phone: 01237 472109 or 07871 289960


Kickfit is a kickboxing conditioning class that improves endurance, strength, muscle tone, coordination and flexibility while working on the bag and sparring pads. Why do we call it Real Kickboxing? Because it is just that Instructors who are actual kickboxers, with sparring and competition experience, in addition to fitness knowledge, teach these classes. So while you are getting a no injury fitness workout you are also learning authentic kickboxing skills. You can burn over 800-1000 calories in one class!! In addition to burning calories and fat you also get resistance training in every class, which will help you, tone up and build that chiseled physique.  We also use the Penalty Box System for warm and endurance, to get you fit and ready for whatever the day decides to give you.

• All classes are for adults only

• You wear regular workout clothes

• No belts or uniforms required

• No physical contact

• No experience necessary

Starting 17th May email or facebook us to book you place in this class. We have limited spaces