Womens Self Defence

This is dedicated 6 week program to allow women to learn and understand situations.

Self Defense Practice

Women's self defence program methods are based on years of experience. The program is based on Krav maga and is particularly effective for women since the skills are designed to address the realities of violence when power, size and strength are factors.

Women practicing, can learn:

  • Power generation

  • Hitting, kicking & other combative effects

  • Avoidance & de-escalation skills

  • Effective techniques for common attacks and escalated violence (weapon threats, abduction, etc.)

  • Defensive Tactics


Psychological Aspects

Although it varies across cultures and modern times with large feminist communities activists, women are usually taught to be kind, nurturing, helpful and polite. Even to strangers.

Training helps pushing past social stereotypes away when is necessary to prevent or perform protection:

  • Understand the freeze/fight/flight situations

  • Find the required level of aggression in a violent encounter

  • Emotional perseverance (“fight to achieve goal”)

  • Use effective decision making under stress

  • Trust your natural instincts VS social “rules”

  • Use the power of your instincts to effectively protect your children/loved ones

  • Carry your body in a way that communicates with personal authority (not appealing to attackers)

  • Live in confidence and not in fear