Kickboxing (age 3+)

As grading students successfully earn their way through our syllabus. You not only do they learn the importance of goal setting they also learn authentic kickboxing and real life self-defence techniques.

Our positive and encouraging atmosphere and instructors promote making healthy lifestyle choices, which benefits our students both physically and mentally. Our students find that they have more energy, less stress and reach their goals of healthy weight loss and/or maintenance.

  • Positive Mindset

  • Fitness

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Flexibility

  • Weight Loss

  • Self-defence

  • Personal Safety

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health Endurance

  • Improved Strength

  • Improved Reflexes

  • Stress-relief & Improved Mood

  • Positive Friendships / Camaraderie


Tiny Ninja's (age 3-4)

Our Tiny Ninjas classes are for pre-school kids, aged 3-5 years. In these classes your little one will discover and build key social, physical, and cognitive skills like hand and eye coordination, and balance and stability, in an encouraging and most importantly, fun environment. They also learn self discipline whilst going through our Tiny Ninja syllabus.


Adult grading class (age 13+)

Adult Grading class is like the Junior class, but has harder techniques and more fitness.  They alslo unlike the Juniors learn to spar Full Contact.


Little Ninja's (age 5-7)

Little Ninjas benefit from developing

good behavior, improved motor & mental skills,

increased confidence, and teamwork.

The Little Ninjas program also includes valuable personal development lessons: stranger danger, when to call 999, fire safety, street safety, and more.


Adult Non grading class (age 13+)

This class is generally for those who want o learn kickboxing and not gain belts.  It consists of all the techniques and more fitness as well as a lot more sparring. 


Juniors (age 8-12)

 Junior Kickboxing principles and techniques in a controlled and safe environment. The classes promote self-confidence, discipline, respect and focus whilst also assisting children in developing their physical fitness and motor skills and providing them with a highly effective self-defence system. whilst gaining knowledge towards their black belt.